At Healths Kitchen you will get all your nutrition needs fulfilled. It´s Titan Fitness latest edition to the camp and it got established in the fall of 2015. Just like the name we aim for a healthy and nutritious food and we use coconut oil in all the dishes we cook to make it even more healthy.

At Healths Kitchen we also have a juice bar for fresh smoothies, protein shakes and detox juices.  Here you can meet and socialize with all Titan Fitness members as it has become the social spot besides hanging out by the pool.

To make the menu we have used expertise advice from our own nutritionist to get the healthy dishes needed and also to add some variety in the meals. If you want us to make you your own mealplan we can arrange that, talk to one of our staff and we will help you out.

Taste & feel the difference / Healths Kitchen

healths kitchen titan fitness camp phuket thailand


Breakfast plate

You re Choices, Omelette, Poach Egg, Scramble Or Sunny side up Egg any Style. With Bacon, Ham, Sausage and Toast with butter and jam, Coffee Or Tea and Juice

Titan Oatmeal

Oatmeal with Protein, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Banana pancakes

Panplates with Banana, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Fruit Salad 1

Mix Fruit Salad Yoghurt, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Fruit Salad 2

Mixed Fruit Salad Yoghurt with Muesli, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Titan Toast

Toast with Mixed Berry, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Khao Tom

Boiled rice Chicken or Shrimps, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Chicken & veg

Steamed Chicken served with steamed vegetables, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea

Eggs Benedict

Egg Benedict with English muffin, Fruit Juice, Coffee or Tea


Sushi A la Titan
Fresh noodle rolls with vegetables and pesto sauce

Mushroom Satay
Grilled Oringi with pesto sauce Served with Vegetables Salad

Summer rolls

Deep-fried Spinach Spring Roll Served with Mango Chutney

Chicken Satay

Grilled Chicken or Pork Satay Served with Peanut Sauce

Fried chicken wings
Deep-Fried Mexican Chicken wing Stick

With tomato & Avocado con palta


Magic Mushrooms Salad
Grilled mushrooms with Thai Style spicy salad

Titan Fishness
Grilled Sea bass Fillet Rocket with RICE? coconut dressing

Chicken Salad Hawaii Five-0
With Coconut oil dressing served in pineapple bowl

Tuna Turner Salad
Thai Style spicy salad with Tuna

Shrimp on the barbie
Grilled Shrimp with Avocado and peanut Butter Sauce

House club Salad
Sweet potato club Salad with coconut oil dressing and Grill bacon

Boat house grilled Salad
Grilled Tuna with zucchini Salad and Penang curry Sauce

See through Salad
Thai Spicy Glass Noodle with Chicken crispy Salad

Hybrid Garden Salad
Mixed Salad Served with balsamic olive oil dressings

Chicken Ball salad Titan Style
Chicken ball Salad with mango spicy Sauce

Speed boat Salad
Mixed Fruits Salad with Shrimps Thai style

Popeye Salad
Thai Spicy Papaya Salad Served with grilled Chicken

Mr Beans Salad
Mixed beans & lentils Salad Served with Coconut olive oil

Ms Tofu salad
Tofu with pesto sauce


ต้มข่าไก่(Tom Kha Gai )
Chicken soup with coconut milk & Thai herb

ต้มยำเห็ดรวม (Tom Yum Hed Ruam)
Mixed mushroom soups with Thai herb

ต้มยำไก่ & กุ้ง (ToYum Gai or Goong )
Spicy soup with shrimp or chicken and Thai herb Thai style

Pumpkin soups
Served with English muffin

Zucchini soups
Served with English muffin

Corn Soups
Served with English muffin

Thai Curry

แกงเผ็ดไก่ย่าง (Gaeng phed Gai yang)
Chicken in red curry with pineapple, grape, cherry tomato & fragrant herbs

แกงเผ็ดไก่ (Gaeng ped gai )
Red curry chicken in coconut milk with mixed fruit & sweet basil

แกงเขียวหวานไก่ (Gaeng kiew warn gai )
Green curry chicken Aomatic spiced and thai herbs in coconut milk

แกงมัสมั่นไก่, เต้าหู้ (Mussaman Gai or Tofu)
Mussaman curry Chicken with potato, onion, shallot, bean, & spice herb

แกงแพนงไก่ & เนื้อ (Panaeng Gai or nue )

Authentic sautéed sliced beef or Chicken in Panang curry paste with coconut milk, kaffir lime

ฉู่ฉี่กุ้ง (Chu-Chi Goong)
Shrimp in red curry paste with coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves

From the wok

เนื้อ, หมู, ไก่ & กุ้งทอดกระเทียม (Nue, Moo, Gai, or Goong Tod Katiem)
Sauté beef, pork, chicken, or shrimp with garlic & pepper

กุ้ง& ไก่ผัดเม็ดมะม่วง ( Gai or Goong Pad Med Mamuang)
Stired- fried chicken or shrimp with cashew nuts

ผัดกระเพราไก่, หมู, เนื้อ&กุ้ง (Phad Kaprao Moo, Nua, Gai, or Goong)
Sauté pork, beef, chicken, or shrimp with hot basil leaves

กุ้ง&ไก่ผัดเปรียวหวาน (Goong or Gai or Pad Priew Wan)
Stir-fried shrimp,or Chicken with sweet & sour sauce

ไก่อบยอดผัก (Gai Ob Yod Pak)
Baked chicken tender with young kale, shitake & Chinese gravy

ผัดผักรวม (Pad Pak Ruam Mitr)

Stir-fried mixed vegetabie with oyster sauce

เต้าหู้ทรงเครื่อง ( Taohoo song kreung)
Stir-fried t Tofu with chicken and vegetabic

ผัดไทยไก่& กุ้ง(Pad Thai Gai orGoong)
Stir-fried noodles with Chicken or Shirmp in Thai style

ข้าวผัด (Khao Pad)
Stir fried rice with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, or prawns

ซีอิ๋วไก่&กุ้ง (PaSeeeawGaiorGoong )
Fried noodles with chicken or shrimp and vegetables in sour sauce

ราดหน้าไก่&กุ้ง ( Rad na Gai or goong )
Stir-fried noodles with Chicken or Shirmp in Thai style

สปาเก็ตผัดขี้เมา (Spaghetti Pad Kee Mow Gai or Goong )
Spicy spaghetti with Chicken or Shirmp baby corn, green pepper , garlic, chili,& hot basil leaves

Rasta Pasta
With your choice of sauce: Napolitana, Bolognese, Carbonara or pesto

Sandwich & Burgers

GHD sandwich
GHD (Grilled Ham & Delicious) Triple-decker sandwich with grilled ham & cheddar cheese

Chick Wrap
With tomato & pineapple salsa with mixed sala & cheese

Burpee Burger
Hamburger or cheese burger, Fish or Chicken Burger Served with tomato dressing sauce & Sweet potato

Beach Club Sandwich
Toast triple Decker with chicken, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, cheese & ham

Fish & Chips
Deep fried sea bass fillet with tartar sauce & sweet potato

Found Nemo Sandwich
Triple-decker sandwich with tuna mixed vegetable & Sweet potato

Beefcake Sandwich
Grilled beef Sandwich with mixed vegetable & Sweet potato

Reggie Burger
Vegetables burger with Mushroom sauce & Sweet potato


Rolls Royce
Grilled Chicken Rolls, served with Spinach, Apple Thai herb sauce & Sweet potato

Sea Base Fillet
Grilled Sea Bass Fillet With basil sauce & coconut thai herd fried rice

Grilled Chicken Knockers
With mushroom sauce & coconut thai herb fried rice

Linkin Pork loin
With apple sauce & sweet potato

Grilled Tuna Loin
With Panang curry sauce & sweet potato

Grilled Fresh Salmon

With Broccoli sauce & Sweet potato

Grilled Fillet Sirloin steak

Grilled New Zealand Beef Fillet Served with green peppercorn sauce or mushroom sauce &
Sweet potato


Banana Thai style
Sweet banana in coconut milk

Banana Split Lunges
Choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or coconut ice cream

Banana Fritter or Pineapple Fritter
Deep-fried banana or pineapple with one scoop of vanilla ice cream

Pineapple Boat
Three scoops of ice cream in a pineapple boat with topping

Tropical fresh Fruit in Season