At Healths Kitchen you will get all your nutrition needs fulfilled. It´s Titan Fitness latest edition to the camp and it got established in the fall of 2015. Just like the name we aim for a healthy and nutritious food and we use coconut oil in all the dishes we cook to make it even more healthy.

At Healths Kitchen we also have a juice bar for fresh smoothies, protein shakes and detox juices.  Here you can meet and socialize with all Titan Fitness members as it has become the social spot besides hanging out by the pool.

To make the menu we have used expertise advice from our own nutritionist to get the healthy dishes needed and also to add some variety in the meals. If you want us to make you your own mealplan we can arrange that, talk to one of our staff and we will help you out.

Taste & feel the difference / Healths Kitchen


Breakfast Buffet
From 7:30am-11:30am Mon-Sat