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Coach Orlaith Buckley – We´ve always loved the Irish!

Meet the top UFASE student of 2018, Orlaith Buckley. After she finished her studies last year in August we immediately head hunted her and made her part of the Titan Fitness Camp Coaching Team.

Orla has a background as a medical scientist in histology laboratory for over 12 years, but in early 2018 she felt the urge to switch her lab coat to fitness apparel and make fitness her new career. Not only does she have a scientific background, she’s also always been into sports and fitness. Back in Ireland she was a coach for gaelic football and rugby in the second highest league (munster rugby team) for over 10 years and a rugby coach for 7 years. She was also a rugby coach for a university team for women for 3 years.

She has also worked at a Crossfit gym for 3 years (CrossFit Cork) before joining Titan Fitness Camp. Her interest besides being a PT is her love for CrossFit, Rugby and of course science. We managed to have a quick chat with her earlier this month.

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UFASE Titan Fitness 2018

We asked Orla what was the biggest change from working as a medical scientist in Ireland compared to a coach at Titan Fitness Camp?

“It is more fun, always meeting new different people, its not a 9-5 job and its more flexible and so much more fun! Meeting people from different countries and change their entire way of living is so rewarding. It’s great to teach them change and see the progress. Seeing their changes is fulfilling and amazing. No fixed schedule, time to plan and train yourself and it’s a big variety everyday.

We also asked, who her average client is?

“It is always a big variation, some are more Crossfit oriented but lately more clients have been new to fitness so I’ve been teaching them from scratch. What’s your special formula? There is so secret formula to the training part, it is always individualized to each client as all people are different. But I prefer some weights in the start, some core in the middle and a hiit at the end. A secret formula could be the app I use. With the help of the app I can help my clients to track their macronutrients and calories. We always go through the macro and micros and calories thoroughly and the app makes the whole process so easy.

“Also one key factor living and working here is the relationship you make here, the community on the street and making friends for life!”

Her favourite quote – “The hard work only starts when you leave your comfort zone”

Lastly, How come Irish travel so much? To which she answered, “The rain”.

As you might know Phuket also has its rainy season but unlike some countered the rain here is welcomed with joy as it cools down our hot days and brings life back into the dry wilderness and farms. Its always pleasant to train hard during a nice downpour.

Signing off behind the keyboard, The Titan Blog Machine.

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