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At Titan Fitness Blog you will find all our posts, not just about fitness and training but also about Phuket and how to make your stay on the island more enjoyable.

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Milo of Croton

Numerous feats of strength were attributed to Milo but the one we want to examine is the story of Milo carrying around a full-grown bull. Story goes that 1 day, Milo wanted to train so he decided to pick up a baby calf and put it on his shoulders and walked around with it.

My Personal Titan Journey

You might think that backpacking around the world would be good exercise, and you will be forgiven. The fact is, one can spend a lot more time eating than exercising - delicacies abounded in every country we visited, and who were we to be rude and not try the local fare? In addition, while we did walk, we spent a lot more time sitting on moving vehicles getting from A to B.