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3rd best fitness bootcamp in the world-titan-fitness-thailand
Best training and trainers I have ever had in my life!.Super friendly atmosphere,Every session is different and fun.The trainers really push,motivate and helps us to exceed our limits and achieve our goals.Titan fitness is not just like any other fitness facility but like a family!.Highly recommended for all the fitness lovers irrespective of what level you are in.I am definitely coming back!!!
Nikhil Kumar, India
Just finished 2 weeks at Titan! First impressions are hard to change but not only was the complex (yes they have a gym/yoga/assault course/outside crossfit area) amazing to top it off they have some serious trainers. I knew I was in for some serious workouts when Mitch (Head trainer) pushed me as hard as I’d been in 5 years on the first day. Always with a smile but more importantly an awareness of my abilities Mitch and team are the reason I am coming back to train again. Want to push yourself with great people then this is the place. Big shout to Mitch Fry he helped me find new limits. Keep up the great work!
Cormac Macalenan, England

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Love this place! Come back every year and can’t wait to come again!!
Melissa Schailker, Australia
Trained here for 2nd year in a row. The location is great, not on the main road like most other gyms in the area so you don’t get bothered by traffic. Surrounded by nature and mountain views makes for a pleasant training environment. Especially for the running. The gym also has a quite large boot camp area which I enjoyed training on. The coaches I found to be very professional and knowledgeable. Learned plenty of new stuff. Will definitely go back.
Miguel Jonson, Sweden
Wow, I really recommend this place for you if you want to have some fun while you do your workout! They have an amazing staff that are super serious and makes you reach your goals with a smile on their faces!! Thank you Titan Fitness, I will come back as soon as possible!!
Fabronia Shabou, Sweden

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Awesome facility on an inspiring road. Probably the best facilities available on the Soi. A great supplement to martial arts training – or an ideal venue for a fitness holiday.
Hardy Hemmingway, England
Bra ställe med bra utrustning för Crossfit! Trevlig personal och bra öppettider.

Kan varmt rekommenderas

Andreas Stenberg , Sweden
First of all, I have to apologize for my poor Englisch. I hope you can get what I want to say.
Today is my last day here and the last thing I did, was a personal training session with Tim.
Even I am very German, means always keep my distance to other persons and that I am not very emotional, the last Goodbye from Tim and Kimi made me cry a little bit.
I really wish that I had at least two more weeks with classes and PTs with Tim.
I do Fitness for many years now. 
In the last two or three years, I focused so much on work, that I did less until nothing  … and when I came here I had to realize that I did he bit I did, wrongly. And furthermore, that most people do it the wrong way, even educated trainers.
I had a stiff back an did not know that the reason why was a terrible use of it.
Mari told me … I understand, that my arms are too weak and that I do all excercices with my lower back or with my shoulders.
First impression:
I thought I was fitter than I am. (classes)
When I trained in the Gym for the first time, Karim offers me his help, even if he had to interrupt his own training … I never ever made such an experience anywhere.

The team: 
You have such nice and heartwarming receptionists.
Nobody can really stand their charm 🙂

The trainers:
Seen from outside, the personalities of the trainers varies a lot – and everybody should find his or hers :-)
There is the very cool, dry but super friendly Fitness-Lifestyle-Guru for the Wheightlifters and the cool guys.
There is Mari from Eastern Europe, very strict, very present, very skillful and ambitionated. And she sees and parties the smallest of your progresses with you :-)
There was this handsome, super friendly Tattoo-Model-Look-alike.
There is German speaking Karim, very patient, very quiete, helpful, handsome, happy and extremely attentive.
And there ist Tim, who was my PT for the last two three weeks – and it was really the best choice for my. He is so in his balance and satisfied, that I got less nervous too :-)
Tim is very strict but very friendly and quite. 
He has some kind of empathy that he knew what kind of body I want, before I had really knew that in detail… 
He never ever negotiates weights or reps … and so he shows you with his quite, self-assured and natural personality what you are able to do … and my body slowly began to change. 
I would guess that when I could add four six weeks with personal training with Tim, I could get the body I always wanted to have, without ever loose motivation or get bored. He never ever pushes himself (his outside, his physics, his weights …)in the foreground, what was very, very good for me as a customer, because I had the impression that I am the most important person for the next 60 minutes during the PT and that I am not only a kind of platform to present himself. This seemed to me completely serious and respectable and, if you ask me,he is as a trainer, the very best figurehead for Titan and the integrity of their company’s philosophy.
I can recommend Titan and Tim to 100 % and I am very happy to came there.


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Titan Fitness Testimonials 2018 (April)

From Domenic Boni:

For those who know me know I am not the fittest, strongest or fastest human in the world (unless In water, I’m still fast). With bad eating, terrible smoking habit and general lack of fitness I decided I needed a change. I convinced my sister to join me and we signed up for a month fitness holiday in Thailand.

We arrived in health heaven. A small street populated with outdoor gyms, massage parlors, hairdressers, health restaurants, juice bars, chemists, and even a suit shop. Immediately we felt comfortable, welcome and inspired.

We trained at Titan Fitness among some of the most knowledgable, patient and inspiring trainers anyone at any level of fitness could ask for. Days started with Body 360 and Cross training, an hour a piece before sitting down at healths kitchen for a very hearty and healthy breakfast. Sweating in the Phuket heat and counting calories, we laughed and joked with some amazing people all like us looking for a new lease on their healthy lives.

Open mat ran from 11-1pm where the outdoor and indoor gym was at our disposal with supervision from trainers ready to help correct form, give advice or just bump some dirty rap while performing only what could be described as an outdoor thug workout.

4pm kicked off with boxercise or the assault course, followed by strength and conditioning training where personal bests were shattered every day and the day was closed with a spinning session or a Zumba class.

After a good days workout the conversations became even more animated and Interesting while scuffing down immense amounts of protein and veggies or the occasional pizza.

And this cycle repeated itself for 28days!

Eat, Sleep, Train, Repeat!!

Weekends provided great business for the massage parlors with sore muscles being attended to in order to be ready for the Monday where it happened all over again. Bars filled up, boat trips to phi phi were taken and the beach was hit in full force.

As much as I gained physically I gained in knowledge. It was always a case of “ok, here’s why we do this”. What i took away from this experience will stick with me forever and I will always look back on my holiday with fond memories.

I may not be entering Mr World anytime soon but I am certain this experience had kickstarted my new “lifestyle” of looking after my body and my mind equally!

Thank you to everyone I met along the way, and I urge anyone reading this to consider this experience. I have a lot of details and advice on how to go about it so please feel free to message me if needed.

Sorry for the long post! Here’s a little video I made of my time!