Milo of Croton

Milo of Croton was a 6th century bad-ass. Coming from the city of Croton in ancient Greece, Milo was a military hero and a champion wrestler. Milo’s wrestling career is as impressive as it gets with 6 Olympic victories, 7 Pythian Games victories, 10 Isthmian victories, and 9 Nemean victories. Not only did he destroy dudes in the wrestling ring, Milo was a warrior on the battlefield being accredited with leading the charge and kicking ass in numerous battles.

Milo and the Bull

Numerous feats of strength were attributed to Milo but the one we want to examine is the story of Milo carrying around a full-grown bull. Story goes that 1 day, Milo wanted to train so he decided to pick up a baby calf and put it on his shoulders and walked around with it. After, Milo went home, ate, and rested. The next day, Milo went and picked up the same calf and carried it around again, went home, ate, and rested. Milo did this every day and every day the calf grew a little bigger until, 4 years later, Milo was carrying a full-grown bull on his shoulders around town. Than he killed it and ate the entire bull in one sitting. Gotta get your protein!

Cool story….now what?