The most harmonic Titan at Camp, Tim can be recognised by his energy, stylish looks and has a colourful skill-set to match.

Fuelled by his interest in his strength training and traveling, Tim found a way to combine health and fitness and traveling while working as a personal trainer & coach. Tim started working at Titan Fitness Camp back in 2015 and took a break during end of 2017 to travel and ended up returning to Titan Fitness in the spring of 2018 which made us very happy!

Eventually, the world of fitness and health fully consumed him, leaving his traveling for a while to follow his passion for fitness and training as a full-time coach at Titan Fitness Camp.

A fully energised thinker with a thirst for knowledge in all areas of fitness, Tim operates on the basis of hyper-tailored training. Every session is carefully programmed around the clients needs. Every workout is well-considered and selected to deliver the best training experience and ensure goal-oriented results.

For Tim, a one size fits all approach is a recipe for disaster.

The right attitude is key, if you are willing to listen and learn, Tim will share the full depth of his expertise. He has a drive to see his clients succeed and achieve the highest standards and results. His relentless consistency and commitment is infectious; proving again and again that with hard work, today’s goals become tomorrow’s reality.

At Titan Fitness Camp, Tim discovered a love of nutrition as well. He has recently begun teaching the weekly nutrition seminars as well.

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What to expect training with Tim

Tim is fully invested in the journey and personal development of each client. With endless patience, he ensures that each element of training is executed to perfection before moving on to the next. He will not rush. This approach is paramount to the long-term success of Tims clients, who return stronger and fitter year-on-year to continue their training journey under his guidance.

Advice from Tim:

If you’re contemplating about booking a trip to Titan Fitness Camp, my advice to you is stay as long as possible, bring more gym gear and be prepared to not want to leave:)

What Tims clients sayDylan, UK

“Training with Tim has left me in a much better shape then when I arrived. Every training session was different, I learned training styles and techniques that I have never come across in over a decade of my own training.

As a coach, he is extremely diligent, every day he shows up on time with the same commitment as they day before, and a plan to challenge me in every way; always maintaining the upmost professionalism and mostly his positive ENERGY!

It was clear that there was a wellconsidered reason for everything. Understanding why I was doing each move really helped me to commit to the task at hand. I was always so surprised to see the link between muscle groups and quickly learned that increasing strength or mobility in one area can have such a direct impact in how the body moves as a whole.

Tims is highly knowledgeable in this space, and was generous in sharing his wisdom and time in equal measure.  It was an absolute pleasure to train with Tim. He has genuine raw talent as a coach.  I really look forward to training with him again.


Words from Kim owner and founder of Titan Fitness Camp

“Tim has a unique way of making training fun and at the same time getting some really good results and clients tend to return to Titan Fitness Camp wanting to train with Tim again”