Jakub Smejkal


A talented gymnast with a background in sports and weight training. Jakub joins Team Titan from Czech Republic. Here, Jakub leads S&T and CrossTraining classes and for his own fitness journey, trains a lot:)

Prior to joining Titan Fitness Camp, Jakub was based in Czech, working full-time as coach.

During his time there, many of his clients would ask for advice on nutrition and weight-management. Sharing his knowledge was something he really enjoyed, and eventually he decided to pursue this full abroad.

Last year Jakub visited Titan Fitness Camp for the first time and he also was our  “Guest Coach” of July 2017. We noticed his extreme and broad knowledge and having that “it factor” so we offered him the position as full-time coach here.

Jakub took a big decision and made his move here full time in the fall of 2018. Luckily he fell in love with Chalong and Phuket and the famous area of fitness we are located in.

jakub personal trainer titan fitness

His approach is carried through to his professional way of teaching classes and Personal training, working closely with each client to establish a training routine that works for you and your lifestyle at home.

What to expect training when training with Jakub:

Functional movements, performed at high intensity. Every session is different so you never know what you are in for but fun is always guaranteed. It is going to be hard work, but will always be worth it.

Advice from Jakub:

DO IT! I promise you, you won’t regret it!

What Jakubs clients say
Sara, Sweden

I have loved every single training session with Jakub. Before coming here, I was a classic ‘treadmill bunny’ I didn’t really know what to do in the gym, and was definitely afraid to lift weights. Jakub has tought me as much about strength of mind, as physical strength.  Without his guidance I would have never imagined that I could attempt power lifting, he showed me that I am capable of so much more than I thought.  I am leaving Titan Fitness with 8% lower body fat, 3% more muscle and a solid plan to continue my training at home. I look toned, I feel strong and I know that I can walk straight into the weights section in my gym in back home and have confidence in my training.


titan fitness camp coach jakub

Words from Jakub

I am working as a coach because I want to help people to reach their goals through fitness. If your goal is to move better without pain or to try to reach maximum physical potential, I am here to help you out!

I have been playing sports and working out my whole life (e.g., ice-hockey, circuit training, and CrossFit). However, I have also made many mistakes for which I am actually thankful. I have learnt from these mistakes and want to help my clients to avoid them.

I am specialized in individual training programs.

I will lead you through the individual training program based on our prior consultation and assessment of your body, movement, and work. My main priority is that your goals, assessments, priorities and all other things will determine how your training is going to look like, which truly fulfills me”.

“Be conscious of what are you doing



  • OPEX CCP (businness, consulting, program design, nourishment, assessment)
  • DNS (Dynamic neuromuscular stabilization) sport 2
  • DNS Weightlifting
  • StrongFit
  • NCSC (National certificate in strength and conditioning) 1
  • CrossFit level 2 trainer
  • Crossfit gymnastics trainer
  • Strength and conditioning course
  • Fitness course