Jakub Smejkal


A talented gymnast with a background in sports and weight training. Jakub joins Team Titan from Czech Republic. Here, Jakub leads S&T and CrossTraining classes and for his own fitness journey, trains a lot:)

Prior to joining Titan Fitness Camp, Jakub was based in Czech, working full-time as coach.

During his time there, many of his clients would ask for advice on nutrition and weight-management. Sharing his knowledge was something he really enjoyed, and eventually he decided to pursue this full abroad.

Last year Jakub visited Titan Fitness Camp for the first time and he also was our  “Guest Coach” of July 2017. We noticed his extreme and broad knowledge and having that “it factor” so we offered him the position as full-time coach here.

Jakub took a big decision and made his move here full time in the fall of 2018. Luckily he fell in love with Chalong and Phuket and the famous area of fitness we are located in.