The out door camp consists 1 large and 1 small matted area as well as our assault course and sprint track. The training ground floor is entirely covered by mats which can sustain weight drops, and a high ceiling protects from the elements. It also features breathable pull down side covers which see a little use in the “green” season. A fully featured functional fitness rig is readily available. At the opposite end of the gym is our storeroom which hosts a veritable Aladin’s cave of functional fitness equipment. Kettle-bells and weights are wheeled out during sessions and at open mat to make access even easier. This area is used for all our classes and a lot of personal training sessions. You will also find our healthy restaurant and cafe at this area.


Nothing says functional fitness and fun more than this. Unique in the area, our military assault course is both fun and challenging. There are 11 obstacles to overcome in all, and they are frequently utilized in our cross-training sessions. There is an ongoing challenge at the camp for best time in completing the course, and should you be daring enough to go for the record, you could be added to our wall of fame in the gym!

Get back to your roots when it come to training! Use you body and natural movements to improve your overall fitness at the same time get the challenge of your life!Challenge yourself on our Assault. The course has been designed for Beginners to Advanced participants so anyone of any age, weight or gender can take part.

– Natural Movement

This type of exercise is all about natural movement and physically training your body as it has been designed to. Jumping, Swinging, Balancing, Running, Crawling, Climbing and Hanging are all activities our natural bodies have been doing for thousands of years. Natural movement fitness focuses on training your whole body and not isolating muscles like you would typically do in the Gym. Burn more calories with this intense workout especially when competing against a friend trying to set your personal best time.
Check out our course in action with our GoPro View

Another one of our great functional fitness areas is our 40m sprint track sits sits right next to the gym and is used during many of our sessions. It features meter markers so you can keep an eye on your progress.

Next to the sprint track is our strong man area which offers a variety of heavy logs and tires for your lifting and flipping pleasure. Perfect for farmers walk, tire dragging, rock throwing, and log carrying.

When training with us at Titan Fitness you agree to the following terms & conditions.
I will not hold Titan Fitness  liable for any pre-existing injuries or medical condition, which may be exacerbated if I participate or which may affect my heart if I participate. I will not hold Titan Fitness liable for any injury, loss or damage, which may be sustained as a result of participating or use of the equipment.