Titan Fitness Camp in Phuket Thailand will be on TV in England!

The episode featuring Titan Fitness Camp will air on My5 in the UK and is called AIRPORT 24/7: THAILAND.

The show is a reality show that takes place at the Phuket International Airport and they follow different UK travellers on their Journey from the airport and their holiday destinations in Phuket. We’ve always had many English clients through out the years and it is so cool we will be on TV in England

We filmed this back in April and it’s such an honor that we are featured.

Please let us know in the comment what you think:)

Here is a word from the producer of the show:

“We are so happy with the way the series has gone and are delighted to be able to tell you that we have started broadcasting from 18th September. The series is on every Monday at 8pm on Channel 5 Star in the UK. (and if you can’t watch it live, they’ll be able to see it on My5)

The episode in which Titan Fitness Camp is feature in is called Fire and Fitness and was broadcasted on Monday 11th November 8pm 2019. We hope you enjoy it!”

Here is a link to the show



titan fitness camp on TV in England