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If you need help/advice before or after your stay here at Titan Fitness Camp we recommend the following companies.


Our latest recommendations goes to NGX which stands for Nutri Genetix, genetically personalised nutrition.

They customise personalised nutrition shakes using only the highest quality ingredients whilst causing no unnecessary harm to the environment, what is so unique is that they make the shakes based from your DNA. A kit will be sent to you where you swob and send back your dna and from that they will tailor and design your shakes.

The NGX range contains a family of products designed to give you everything you need to get the most from your workouts and achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals faster. 

All NGX products are made from naturally sourced, vegan friendly ingredients and contain no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colours and are free from soy, lactose, gluten and GMO.  NGX is made in the UK and always use ethical and sustainably sourced materials.

Get a discount by using Coupon Code TITANUP to get 20€ off your order! 

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Recalibrated Bodies –
Programs that are tailored to your goals, your body, world wide guaranteed results.
We have worked with Recalibrated Bodies for 3 years and we have only great things to say about them and their deep knowledge, they are the best in the online training platform.

The owners from Recalibrated Bodies are frequent guests of us and they try come out once a year to train, relax and get some extra gains:)